DeeDee is a full time professional organizer with years of experience, and it shows. She is able to walk into any situation and immediately help by assessing where to start. She has a natural ability to maximize a room’s overall functionality by closely evaluating how the objects contained within it relate to the way one lives on a daily basis.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by any mess in your home, I would highly recommend DeeDee, because once she’s finished, you will feel so much better! I very much appreciate a clean and well-organized home, but I honestly can become easily “overwhelmed” when it comes to tackling any big cluttered mess.

DeeDee is a delight to work with and you will feel a palpable sense of productivity in only a few short hours! — Camille B.

“DeeDee is very responsible, honest, and capable. I was very happy with her work. I highly recommend her services.” — Gerry Snow G. Snow Productions

“Without DeeDee I never would have been able to organize my bathroom closet….and more. We moved into our house a year ago, and in the past had moved almost every year. I had boxes upon boxes of bathroom goods that just got shoved in the closet from unpacking. I was too overwhelmed to get through it myself, but with DeeDee’s help and guidance it is manageable and organized. I am saving money by seeing what I have already purchased, too. My relationship with my husband is better as well because he doesn’t yell and groan every time he opens the closet. Thank you DeeDee, you improved my life and my pocketbook!” — Rebecca C.

“DeeDee was very prompt, resourceful, and it was a good experience. I got some great tips on organizing!” — Sharon P.

“DeeDee helped my senior mother organize her apartment. Very pleased with the results.” — Mike F.

“Very thorough and professional.” — C. Z.

“DeeDee made a huge difference in my mother’s life by organizing all of Mom’s documents. She helped with bill tracking and payment, keeping medical insurance paperwork organized, and with various other tasks that Mom could no longer do efficiently. She moved her patio furniture up from the basement; planted her large, outdoor flower pots, and helped her when she wanted to entertain friends. I lived too far away to help, so knowing that I could trust DeeDee to be there to help Mom was wonderful.” — Lynn Wood, Washington DC