DeeDee Welles, Founder and Professional Organizer

DeeDee Welles

Some Things About Me ~

I started organizing when I was quite young. I was the neatnik in my family and enjoyed organizing my three sisters’ messes. Oddly enough, they never appreciated my efforts.

I have two adult offspring who fled Minnesota for warmer climes – one to Los Angeles and one to Sweden.

I am both a dog and cat person and am outnumbered by both in my home.   

Random Facts ~

I’ve removed hundreds of porcupine quills from various dogs.

Traveled at 120 mph in a race boat.

Been charged by a rhino in Africa.

Used a tranquilizer gun to sedate a wolf and draw his blood.


Now For The Less Interesting Stuff ~

I spent many years working with non-profits – fundraising, organizing benefit events, and coordinating volunteers before I founded DETAILS Organizing It All.

When my marriage ended, I became a single mother with two young children. That’s when keeping up with the clutter and staying organized became a big challenge. To reduce the chaos, I designed organizing systems that I still use at home daily and with my clients.

I have an innate ability to quickly analyze systems and processes or lack thereof; identify what’s not working, and implement solutions.

Since I am a baby boomer, I am now in the downsizing phase of my life. I understand, intimately, how hard it can be to let go of sentimental belongings. But I also know how freeing it is to reduce the weight of accumulated stuff, both psychically and physically.

A Bit More ~

For most of my life, I’ve advocated for animal welfare and protecting the earth.

Hundreds of foster puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats have lived at my house before moving on to adoptive homes. Talk about chaos and mess! More than once, I mused on having the carpeting and wood floors removed and installing linoleum flooring with drains in the middle of the rooms, so I could just hose them down.

I strive to be Eco-conscious in both my life and work.

I love to help people clear the clutter and find the beauty and balance in their homes and businesses. 

4% of DETAILS Organizing It All’s revenue is donated to animal welfare non-profits.

Member National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

Membership Director NAPO MN


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