Details Organizing It All Helps Streamline Area Homes and Offices

White Bear Lake Magazine

Streamline Area Homes and OfficesVadnais Heights organizer provides resources for maintaining an organized abode, once and for all.

It’s that time of year when the top of many New Year’s resolution lists reads: Get Organized . . . For real this time. And DeeDee Welles, owner of Details Organizing It All, is just the gal to help you do it.

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Be Your Resolution

Minnesota Women’s Press

Womens-PressIf your resolutions are fading, it is not surprising, since most resolutions aren’t very successful. Although based on good intentions, our resolutions often don’t address the underlying issues.

We can tend to be action-oriented and emphasize all that we are doing and accomplishing, but this orientation can trap us in the belief that we can always make ourselves achieve results.

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Let Go And Lighten Up!

Minnesota Good Age

Let Go and Lighten UpIf you’re over 50, you’re likely pass you accumulation phase of life and no longer need the volume of stuff you once did.
As our lives transition into a new phase, we usually require fewer things, because we’re not raising, housing, feeding and entertaining as many family, friends and business associates. When was the last time you hosted a dinner for 40? Its time to let those ‘70s-era chip-and-dip trays go.

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